Signal sounds
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"Matej Kovacic" (via whispersystems Mailing List)
2017-04-26 20:41:54 UTC

I hope developers are reading this... I have a proposal regarding sounds
in Signal.

Current sounds (sonar sound and ping when call is
established/terminated) are by my opinion too aggressive. They contain
too much high tones.

My proposal is, to use more soft sounds.

My proposal is also to replace sonar sound with something more similar
to ringing... for instance instead of sonar there should be "slow"
ringing and when ringing starts, there should be regular ringing (as it
is now).

Another proposal is also to measure bandwith and quality of call. When
quality of call starts to get to low, user should get a very soft
beep-beep-beep sound, so he/she is alerted there are problems with
bandwith. This should also be visible on the screen.

If connection drops (because of bad connection), it should be
re-establisher automatically - user should be alerted of this
re-establishing by sound and by screen text.

Anyway, I am also noticing some problems with bandwith consumption. Are
there any plans that when bad network conditions occur, codec
automatically "switches" to lower quality? I am not talking about VBR
codecs, just that maybe there should be two codecs used - one for normal
bandwith and another when bandwith is lower.


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